"CEO" feels weird to us, too.

Whatever you call us, we’re a lot like you: We found what we loved and ran with it. Somewhere along the way, our businesses were born. And here we are, still running, thanks to a steady drip of meaningful connection, impact, and always knowing when to sprint (thanks, intuition).

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Currently workshopping "Chief Passion Pursuer" (with "Intuitive Executive" waiting in the wings).

All things considered, you're a CEO— but it's a title that'll never feel right.

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You’re not driven by aspirations of a multi-million dollar empire built on a foundation of passive income. You’re not angling for a Forbes cover before forty (or ever). 

You’re here to settle in at the crossroads of impact and intention, curiosity and connection, strategy and singularity. By honoring yourself and what it means to be human, you’re here to leave the world better than you found it–starting with those right in front of you. Making a difference is your next big move.

CEO doesn’t begin to describe it, but who said it had to? 

Meet your creative team.

Our team is lean, but we’re a formidable force, offering the scale of a studio with the personal touch of working one-on-one with a creative contractor. 


Creative Director


Studio Manager

Our fearless founder helping you turn your passions into purpose, your clients into communities, and your business into a sought-after brand.

Our resident systems guru and project manager extraordinaire who you can count on to keep your head on straight (because she does it for us every day). 

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To build a brand, you may need to phone a friend (or two). We never hesitate to pull from our shortlist of creative partners to actualize your vision.

Our rolodex of creative partners

Olivia Carson Writes

Between the Lines Copy

Authentic and Co Studio

The Humble Lion

Carlino Creative

Two Creativ

Rebel + Rise

Studio Émilie

Words to Live By

Studio Evolvere

Branding backed by The Gold Standard.

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For the passion pursuers, the deep feelers, and the visionaries driven by impact and purpose: Meet The Gold Standard Brand Collective, a membership community for creative entrepreneurs, savvy service providers, and bold brand leaders out to make a difference with empathy, authenticity, and meaningful connection.

The Gold Standard Brand Collective brings you the concepts of a compelling brand with the community you crave. Here, you’ll find the processes, tactics, and strategies to master your brand with a human-first approach that goes against the grain (on purpose).

“Working with Grey & Gold Creative was an absolute dream. From the initial brand strategy, I knew I made the right choice. They totally read my mind and put into words exactly what I had been dreaming of for my business.”

Testimonial by Amanda
Owner of Clay & Fern Co

“I worked with Grey & Gold for both my branding and website design, and they did a phenomenal job on both. They went above and beyond to truly understand my brand and create exactly what I was looking for.”

Testimonial by Brittany
Owner of Brittany Hamann Photography

“I really loved the finished product Grey & Gold created for us. It’s exactly what we wanted aesthetically and it was a smooth process from beginning to end, which was so nice to experience.”

Testimonial by Moria
Owner of Mor Media


Creative Director

Bryn is as obsessed with little details as you are–just ask about her favorite font. Whether celebrating your launch or Taylor Swift's surprise album release, Bryn is here to help you blaze a trail with your brand, now and forever.

As an English major turned corporate marketer, Bryn has always earned her keep with compelling narratives and captivating client experiences. These days, design is Bryn’s preferred flavor of storytelling. With it, she tells tales of fearless founders who turn their passions into purpose, their clients into communities, and their businesses into sought-after brands.

As Creative Director of Grey & Gold, there’s plenty that Bryn brings to the table–but her not-so-secret superpower? Empowering you with encouragement, support, and understanding at every stage.


Studio Manager

Shayne is a jill of all trades–and she’s mastered every last one of them. As our resident systems guru and project manager extraordinaire, you can count on Shayne to keep your head on straight (because she does it for us every day).

The inspired guidance and clarity she brings to the team each day comes from her authority as a Projector in Human Design. From one deep feeler to another, you’ll always feel heard and seen with Shayne.