5 Deep Questions to Uncover Your Brand’s Unique Style

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Beginning your entrepreneurial journey and starting a new business is an exciting time, albeit overwhelming. There is so much to do, it can feel like you are drowning in a never-ending to-do list.

You probably hear pretty often that a brand is an essential component of building a business — but how to get there probably feels like a big ol’ question mark in your brain.

Moreso, how do you create a brand that feels like YOU? Or grows with you? Or attracts the right people?

If it all feels a bit confusing right now, here are a few deep questions you can ask yourself to begin moving in the right direction.

Question #1

What are my favorite brands or social accounts to follow? What about these brands/accounts makes me love them? What do their websites and social accounts look like?

Try to look outside your industry/niche toward brands you love in your daily life.

Question #2

What stores do I love to shop from and why? How would I describe their style?

Consider things like the lighting, textures, and overall vibe. Think of the things you would find in that store, or the energy of the employees.

Question #3

What are my favorite places to visit? How do these places make me feel? What about them gives me this feeling?

Think of your favorite vacation spots, coffee shops, or your own home. Consider what places bring you positive feelings and what about them specifically creates those feelings.

Question #4

What is my favorite clothing or interior design style? What words and/or characteristics make up that style?

Whether you fall under grungy and cool, bright and light, colorful and luxe, or anything else, use these words and styles to help you translate it into design.

Question #5

What aspects do all these things have in common? What elements can I adopt for my own brand?

Once you have a good list of styles, adjectives, and brands you love, start finding common attributes among them. How can you pull these things together to create one, cohesive brand style that represents you?

Take this further

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